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The Farm

     Nestled in Tennessee’s Upper Cumberland region, Confluent Cultures, LLC. is a multi-faceted start up farm, family owned and operated. While producing high-quality local food, we work to establish and/or strengthen diverse cultural systems. Without the use of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides, our means of production actively support rich microbial populations resulting in improved soil quality. We rely primarily upon the use of hand-tools, sweat equity and natural weather patterns. However, we also make use of select season extension and low input high output implements, which  make it possible to provide you with produce harvested at peak maturity. Exceptional flavor, heightened nutritional content and optimal shelf life are among the many benefits our produce provides.

     In addition to our market garden we also care for a variety of animals which contribute to the wellbeing of the farm in various ways. We do have a selective breeding program. It is limited in number but not in quality and care. Be sure to keep an eye on our enterprise page to see if we have, or will be having, an animal that could be a good fit for you.

The Friends

     Having lived in and around the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for the better part of 30 years, we, Jenna and Brandon Korgan, along with our two children, moved to Middle Tennessee in late 2016 (we hit the road the day after Christmas). Among the many reasons for such a move was our passion for both nature and food. More specifically, it was and is our desire to live a life that affords us the opportunity to observe, embrace and interact with natures beauty in ways which offer benefits to us and our surroundings, including our neighbors. Confluent Cultures, LLC is our means to this beginning. 

     Our approach to nature is our approach to farming. It is also our approach to people. As our relationships with nature, including our farm, continue to strengthen so do our relationships with our customers. In fact, the scale at which we operate is largely determined upon our ability to observe, embrace and interact with our customers. This offers us a unique opportunity to tailor our efforts specifically to your needs and wishes. 

     We could go on and on here about the how greatly we value: improving soil quality, improving access to locally grown food, preserving nature, building relationships and communities and all that jazz, but this isn’t the place to ramble. For now, let’s leave that to future talks around the farm stand and/or on our various social media outlets.

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